Stellenberg Boys Choir

The Stellenberg Boys Choir (Stellenberg Seunskoor - SSK) was officially founded by André van der Merwe (Choir Master) on 21 January 2015. Their first very successful performance was on 8 May 2015, at the Gene Louw-school hall with just 29 members.  The choir has since grown and currently boasts 50 members.

Like with SMK, Andre’s wish for the choir is not only that their numbers may grow with bounds and leaps, but that they will, with "SMK" (Stellenberg Girls Choir), not only carry the wonder of choral music to everyone in our community, but to our country and even beyond the boundaries of South Africa.

SSK have also proudly scooped a few accolades on both the local and national scale since their inception:


Winners ATKV Applous Boys’ Choirs

Winners Tygerberg Eisteddfod Boys’ Choirs


Winners Tygerberg Eisteddfod Boys’ Choirs

If you are interested in becoming a Stellies Warrior, all it takes is an audition!

Send Andre a SMS or What’s app with your full name and Grade

082 774 0995